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  • 22nd August
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So me & my housemate are both genderfluid & we live in a great little genderfuck household. Zie really likes to dress up girlie & be a girl sometimes. Since I have little outlet for that energy in my own life, I really enjoy doing it with her and/or helping her with it. Zie’s my best galpal, which is awesome. Since it’s really good for hir moods, it’s something I encourage hir to do often because I see how much positive impact it has in hir life. When zie’s a she, she gets this smile and this glow about her. It warms your heart to see it.

So we decided to have a weekly Girlie Night. We tried scheduling it 1x a week, but have found that it’s better when it happens organically or naturally.

Anyway, this was scheduled Girlie Night at the end of June. This outfit started when the 2 of us were at DSW looking at heels, as we’re often wont to do after going out for dinner together because the DSW is across from hir favorite restaurant. We found these fabulous orange & pink patent leather ones that we had to pick up.

Later, at a different trip to DSW, we found a purse with the same color scheme, so, of course, we had to get THAT too.

Slowly but surely, we keep finding different accessories in this color scheme. We have a wallet to match the purse. We even have a cute pair of sandals in the same color scheme to slip on when the heels start to be too much.

Since the shoes, we’ve been looking for CLOTHES in that color scheme. Wouldn’t you know, they’ve been damn near impossible to find. Since the accessories are everywhere, we assumed the outfits would be, too. They’re not. We’re really looking for a Jackie O-style outfit/suit in those colors. If you know where to get one in plus sizes, let me know!

Anyway, we decided to bring all the accessories together & some dresses zie had and dress up in them & take pics. These are some of the better results of that night. (And on a complete aside, do you know how happy I am to be the same size in dresses as hir now? ZOMG. You don’t have to worry about hir going through my closet for girlie clothes… you have to worry about ME going through HIR closet for girlie clothes! I’ve always said that she has fantastic fashion sense & I’m jealous of her wonderful closet full of pretty clothes.)

Cindy’s Outfit:

Dress: Old Navy
Bracelets, Hair Clip: Claire’s
Sunglasses: online, uncertain
Purse: DSW

My Outfit: 

Dress: Old Navy
Hair Clips: Claire’s (or Hot Topic? We went to both stores and I forget which one we got those in.)
Panties: Bali (outlet) 

  • 18th July
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Finally, a suit I actually WANT to wear to the beach! Remember when I wrote about getting a new suit and I promised you all pics? YEAH, BABY.

Having been inspired by all the wonderful fatties in their bikinis in places like Hey, Fat Chick! and Fuck Yeah, Fat Positive (and maybe Fuck Yeah, Chubby Fashion? I don’t remember), I got this suit. I wanted a full bikini, but this tankini one was too cute, fit me too well, actually gives me support on top and was too damn affordable ($19!) to pass up. I LOVE THIS SUIT. In fact, I’ve been wearing the top part around as a shirt because I LOVE IT SO MUCH. ALL THE LOVES. The colors are gorgeous, the print is gorgeous, the cut is fabulous, and I love the little bow. The top is a size 24 and the bottoms are a size 20. (I haz big boobs.)

Suit: Ross [Cross!] Dress for Less