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  • 19th June
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This is my new beach outfit. I was inspired by heyfatchick & other fat fashion blogs on here and when I saw this skirt, I knew it would fit right in and I had to have it. The problem is, I don’t have many other things that really go with it. But I was dying to wear it, so here’s the best I could do, esp. because I was visiting my “it’s complicated” & I didn’t have most of my wardrobe. The top & skirt were items I chose for my birthday. (Hooray for birthday clothes!) The top is my new exercise shirt (it has a little pocket for my iPod Touch) & kinda goes, the black straps underneath is my swimsuit. (The funny/ironic part is that I feel more comfortable swimming & sunning in the nude than in my suit, so it all comes off when I get to the beach.) The pics with the wall with the graffiti are taken outside the building that they shot/set the movie Clerks in… no lie! The coconut popsicle I’m eating came from the actual convenience store. (Yes, I’m a nerd. :-D)

Oh, and the ball is the ammo for the largest muzzleloading cannon ever made, the Rodman Gun. You can see the cannon in one of the other photos.

And FWIW, I’m genderfluid, but an outfit like this makes me feel all girl/woman. And I love it. :-)

Shirt: Walmart (I hate that it’s one of the only places I can find clothes I like, that fit me, that I can afford. I just don’t have the emotional wherewithall to go thrifting all the time… not to mention most thrift stores around here have very little in my size. Let alone how hard it is to find exercise clothing at all in my size at a price I can afford.)

Skirt: Gabriel Bros.

Swimsuit: hand-me-down

Sandals: clearance, years ago, at Cabela’s Outfitters

Star bracelets in bisexual pride flag colors: I got them last fall clearance for $0.25 @ Walmart but I also saw them at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet last Christmas for $0.10.

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